Indie Wrestling Wire: #OnTheRoad w/Kennedi & Dennis - Pilot Episode

It's the pilot episode of "On The Road W/ Kennedi & Dennis" as they watch Limitless Wrestling's "The Road," in real time and react in real life, if there is such a thing anymore. Kennedi Copeland is a rising star in the NY Independent Wrestling scene, working for Limitless and Pizza Pro Wrestling, just to name a couple. Her and Dennis will be watching each episode of Limitless Wrestlings "The Road" every week. You can expect hilarious hot takes and genuine reactions to the evenings events. In this episode: Kennedi is promoted to producer, to her chagrin. We learn that wrestlers don't get a free IWTV account, but they get faster streams. (Not confirmed.) Dennis realizes that time travel is real, and that he's always 30 seconds behind. Dr, Cube is a hard guy to read. Kennedi's dogs kill a stuffed animal. Big Callux kills American Beetle 16 times. Slade is the the combination of Manders & Mancer, level 10. This and MUCH MORE.

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