The Krude Experience - The Devil Drives

The Devil Drives

Krude loves him some quality rock tunes. Especially if the song in question rankles the feathers of the 'norm'. Zodiac Mindwarp helped me title this blog. He of the Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction rock band fame. Look them up. Krude approved rock music. Perfect soundtrack for a car ride. Or to get yer chick in the mood for spirited buggery. Usually both simultaneously

Shit. This blog is really about people who operate motor vehicles. Passenger cars in particular. I live in over populated New Jersey. A recent study proved the amount of registered vehicles in NJ DOUBLED in the last 15 years. Meaning, the already super crowded roadways are even more congested. It also means that there are tons more people getting licensed to drive. And getting a driver's license is BIG BUISNESS in most places. States make bank. Police make bank. Insurance companies make bank etc... DMV is the ultimate shakedown of the middle class. Believe it

Most people who get behind the wheel in NJ flat out CANNOT DRIVE. No hand eye coordination whatsoever. No common sense. No aptitude for overall awareness of immediate surroundings. Just a bunch of dumb dolts who are willing to play the big $ game of getting a driver's license. Damn the naysayers,they say. It is their right,I mean privilege to drive to the shopping mall on their own. Fuck you. They also say. Fuck 'em, I say

Would a football team add a kicker who couldn't kick? Would baseball team add a manager who couldn't manage? Would a bank add a teller who couldn't count? No, no and no. Obviously. Yet all you need to get a driver's license in the USA is some $ for 'on the road' training, pass an easy written test. And drive for 5 minutes in a controlled parking lot. This testing process is for operating a potentially lethal means of transportation. Damn

So when I say The Devil Drives,I mean it. More demented idiots are on the roads these days. Sickens me every time I pull out of my driveway. Always some moron nearby in a car doing something stupid. Welcome to New Jersey. Asshole

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