New South Pro Wrestling presents Action Clash Episode 22


New South Pro Wrestling presents Action Clash Episode 22

Event Air Date: February 9, 2021

Event Venue: JC Arena in Hanceville, AL

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by Tiffany R. Merryhill

This past week was huge for New South! As we head deeper into HOSS season, the promotion widely known as the Best In The South aired its 22nd episode of Action Clash as well as its annual February event, We Love Pro Wrestling, on All of the fun is available on demand, so catch up on these two great shows and any other of the 20+ episodes of Action Clash as soon as you can!

If you’ve been keeping up with the wild happenings in New South as of late, you’ll see that the names in this year’s HOSS Tournament are some of the biggest and brightest going today for independent wrestling. In addition to this, there’s a hungry new crop of young stars-in-the-making on the rise from the New South Academy more than ready to make their own name for themselves. Right now is a perfect storm of talent in the promotion, and this is the best time of year for the spotlight.

Speaking of talent, I’d say there’s a shakeup of incoming and possibly outgoing talent when it comes to the Cortège. Derek Neal has done a fine job of bringing in new blood to the group, but where does the old guard stand? Adam Priest has been making moves of his own on his own lately. In the opening of Episode 22 we see the Cortège in the ring taking a closer look at Priest and question where his loyalties are. I think it’s fair for us as fans to wonder the same - is Adam Priest better off on his own?

On Commentary: Carmen Michael and Mose

Episode 22 has Carmen and Mose back at the table doing their regular Tuesday night thing! It looks like we’ve got a permanent partnership going on for now, and it’s all good with me. Mose has been at the table since the first episode and has continuously done a fantastic job calling the action whether alone or as a duo, so it’s great to see that he’s got a solid commentary partner in Carmen Michael to fully mesh with now in the long-term (although I did enjoy the revolving door commentary in the earlier episodes too).

Match 1: Leo vs Erron Wade

It’s like an episode of Cobra Kai came forward and kicked us right in the head. What is going on in the dojo, boys? Our once unshakeable union of martial artists is now at odds, and Leo seems to be the one showing off a new aggressive (if not outright mean) side to him. On the other hand, Erron Wade has come up significantly himself as of late by relying solely on his ring savvy instead of excessive cruelty. It’s this difference in styles that caught us all off guard, and the shock of Leo’s personality change in addition to his savage skillset might have taken Erron Wade out of the game enough to allow Leo to get the victory here. This is a new and different threat we’re dealing with!

Match 2: Sean Campbell vs Jaden Newman

As great as it is to have Jaden Newman grace New South with his number one presence, I have to admit the skills of Sean Campbell are very much worth noticing. If you’re looking for a damn good ‘straight-up’ match between two skilled competitors, this is the one you’ll want to pay attention to in this episode. Jaden had the love of the JC Arena for this match while Campbell did his best to keep up with Ichiban Numero Uno. Keep an eye on Campbell here because he busts out some spots that you’d see from much more seasoned veterans - what is this young guy gonna do in the years ahead? Newman was the master of the match, however, displaying a top level of talent that has earned him a lot of respect from the New South faithful. In the end Campbell couldn’t get the win over Newman, but he definitely got my attention.

Match 3: Tony Evans vs Hunter Drake

Tony Evans is the latest addition to Derek Neal’s team of trouble, the Cortège, and Episode 22 of Action Clash was the chance for everyone to see what the new guy can do in the ring. As it turns out, Tony Evans can do quite a bit, especially when his first match on the show is basically him being thrown into the fire against one of New South’s most fire of competition, Hunter Drake. Granted, Evans can get away with a little bit more when (dammit) Steven Michaels is accompanying him to ringside. There’s absolutely no love lost between Evans and Drake as the Cortège has targeted both Hunter Drake and Tyler Franks in recent weeks. In fact, the animosity only got worse at the conclusion of this one when Steven ran interference on behalf of the new guy, allowing Evans to get a dirty win over Drake for his Action Clash debut. 

Dammit. Steven. I think it’s time Hunter Drake taught that guy a lesson.

Main Event: Dy-Lan vs 2 Fly Ty (Fans Bring The Weapons, HOSS Qualifying Match)

The stage was set, the weapons were ready to be used, and the New South faithful in attendance were more than ready to see our man Dy-Lan finally get some well-deserved revenge on his former tag partner 2 Fly Ty. Watch for the beginning of this main event because it’s a masterclass in ‘giving ‘em hell’. Dy-Lan does an awesome job of storytelling here, opening the match on fire and throwing all he’s got at Ty. In all honesty, all of my emotions were wrapped up in this one. Everything was on the line as far as pride and advancement, and the history behind this match was heavy with drama.

Needless to say, I loved it. After Dy-Lan opened the match strong we had a back-and-forth battle that wreaked havoc on my nerves. As much hell as I give 2 Fly Ty, he really is good in the ring. But ‘good’ only goes so far, clearly, as Ty could not keep Dy-Lan down without having to fall back on using his preferred weapon, the chain wrapped around his hand, to knock his former partner out. As much as it hurt to see, Ty won the match and advanced to HOSS. I have a feeling, however, this is not the last of this feud.

Post-Show Thoughts

Granted, the conclusion of the main event was not the ending I wanted at all, but this was an excellent episode that led into New South’s special event We Love Pro Wrestling, which aired later in the week. Make it a point to watch #WLPW as well; it was a fantastic show that had a lot of everything to love, including an appearance from ring legend Rhyno as he took on Adam Priest (with none of the support of the Cortège, mind you) and a number of other surprises. Keep watching; things are only going to get wilder between now and the first weekend of March!

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