The Krude Experience - Fever In My Mind

 Fever In My Mind

Leave it up to the living legend Jim Dandy Mangrum of the Southern rock band Black Oak Arkansas to float the title of this blog into my head. Fever in My Mind has been spinning on a constant loop in my skull for a few days. Krude loves this tune

As usual, a song title makes me inspired to write a blog. I've had to endure tons of insane people during my time on Earth. And dealing with the nut cases has had a lasting effect on me. My days are often spent trying to calm my brain down from the influence of dumbfuck overload. Hence my brain is being used for thoughts not sexual in nature. THAT is what pisses me off most

Dumbest thing I've heard recently involves a 23 year old dude who works in the same business as Krude. He made a claim that since he went technical high school and college for drafting, he deserves to make more $ than other kitchen designers.???!?!? Bullshit, I told him. Our business of kitchen reno is about selling boxes for the walls and large, flat stones for work surfaces. Operative word being: sell. We are salesmen. With experience. Nobody deserves more $ due to having a degree in anything. Gen Z really must put on their big boy pants now

Celebrating losers seems to be all the rage these days. I guess most people don't know what it is really like to win. Winning is a mental orgasm. Losing is lessons most often not learned. Choose your heroes wisely. And never bet on a three legged horse

Mental anguish is no laughing matter. Finding time to decompress is very important. Lay off the hugely caffeinated beverages. Slap your chick on the ass. And thank the stars you wake up every day. Be real. Mahalo

High on the Hog,



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