5 Tips on Protecting Your Table From Hot Plates

5 Tips on Protecting Your Table From Hot Plates

Your dining table is one of your home's most opulent and stunning pieces of furniture. Placing hot objects or substances on it risks damaging it and leaving unsightly heat marks, losing its elegance and luster, and giving it an ugly, unappealing appearance.

Using caution while using these tables is essential because they are expensive to buy. Heat-proofing them would be a practical approach to accomplish this. Here are some pointers for protecting your dining table from hot plates:

Placing Glass on the Surface of the Dining Table

It's a terrific method to keep your table from getting too hot. Instead of setting the glass down straight on the wooden surface, some transparent spacers are advised. Consequently, the wood surface won't warp or break due to the expansion and contraction of humidity. This will create airspace between the glass and the wood.

There won't be any damage to your table or unsightly heat stains left behind if you lay anything heated or hot on top of the glass surface.

Selecting the Proper Location for Your Table

It's crucial to choose a setting that won't damage your table. To keep the table in the best condition and with the most significant aesthetic over time, choose a location with a steady temperature in an office or home. Wooden materials are pretty sensitive to dryness, wetness, and extreme conditions.

The most excellent areas to place tables are living rooms, offices, bedrooms, and dining rooms since they all have consistent temperatures and a healthy mix of moisture and dryness. Because of the excessive humidity and moisture in the air, bathrooms and laundry rooms are not the most significant locations to set up your table.

Making Use of Coasters on a Dining Table

You can set down drinks on top of a coaster on tables. When a hot cup of coffee or tea is served, you can place the coaster beneath the cup and then set the cup on top of it rather than setting it straight on the table.

Using A PVC Tablecloth

Using a heat-resistant table protector is another efficient method for heat-proofing your table. These shields are thick PVC tablecloths that can withstand heat up to 100°, and some can even withstand temperatures of 250°. Both the robust and the lightweight options are available.

The best PVC tablecloths are the traditional table protector, non-slip table protector, and executive table felt protector. It is simple to fit the size and form of your table by cutting and adjusting them.

Use Glass Tops

It is possible to protect the table by using a glass top. A specially crafted glass top will shield the wood beneath the table from heat and spillage. Use transparent spacers for the glass top's bottom. Glass surfaces should be covered with placemats to prevent slipping. Coasters are also coasters.

Wax Your Table

Applying wax to restore and protect the sprays, polishes, and oils offered to preserve your hardwood table. Wax may be beneficial for several reasons, including preserving your table from harm and enhancing its aesthetic appeal when applied consistently and adequately. While adding a cosmetic gloss to a hardwood table, oils and polish do not give further protection.

Using Trivets

Trivets are made of wood and are used as a barrier between the serving dish and the dining table to prevent heat damage. You may use the trivet to serve your meals instead of setting the hot serving dish directly on the surface of your dining table. Wool felt trivets are the best method to protect tabletops, making lovely gifts for everyone.

Heat Resistant Table Mats

These premium table mats raise the heated surface of your utensils off the table's surface, allowing for simple airflow inside the mat to keep it cold and stop it from melting. You may use the mat on both sides. This table mat is superb heatproof and shields your table from temperatures up to 120 °C.

Think again if you believe that table mats are just used for decoration. While eating mats are frequently used, particularly in upscale establishments, most Singaporean homes do not. Dining mats are helpful for more than just cleaning up; they also guard against scratches and wood rings on your wooden dining table.


You may prevent heat damage to your dining table by using these suggestions. Check these fantastic heatproof dining table protector bargains for high-quality table surface protectors.

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