Malt Beverage Of The Week - Four Loko Sour Blue Razz

With the first month of 2020 in the books, what better way to cap things off than with another Four Loko Friday malt beverage feature of the week! We kicked off January with the highly anticipated Four Loko Hard Seltzer Black Cherry, and now we are ending the month with another new variety in the Four Loko family, Four Loko Sour Blue Razz!

This was a new flavor of Four Loko that flew under my radar, and it wasn't until our good friend Kare Uh (@maltiple_regrets) posted a picture on her Instagram with the beverage  that I found out it actually existed. After hearing the news I started my search, and it wasn't until Four Loko Claus showed up with some special treats that I got my hands on the can, so today we crack it open and see how it tastes!

Four Loko Sour Blue Razz is the third installment in the Four Loko Sour Series following the Sour Apple and Sour Grape. Coming in at 14% ALC./VOL. it's par for most flavors of Four Loko. If you have tasted one blue raspberry flavored malt beverage, you have tasted them all. There isn’t much “sour” flavor to this one, maybe just a little in the aftertaste, but overall it’s just like the others. Nothing new or groundbreaking here. It is what it is, another Four Loko in a world that wants more bum wine!

Four Loko Sour Blue Razz is the perfect malt beverage to accompany the BWB Super Bowl LIV Preview Podcast featuring Kapn Krude!

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