MD 20/20 Spiked Punch Cans: A 2/3 Review

 As a special Bum Wine Bob birthday treat, we are cracking open the MD 20/20 Spiked Punch Cans!

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 For those of you that already tuned in as we were Still Crusin' to a Summer in Paradise on this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat, you already got the sneak peek, but for everyone else the time has come! Tune in at around the 01:14:00 mark for the full MD 20/20 Spiked Punch Cans review!

It took searching through two different states, but I was finally able to get my hands on 2/3 of the new MD 20/20 Spiked Punch cans. Island Pineapple and Tangy Orange are two of the three flavors currently available in the MD 20/20 Spiked Punch lineup, with Sweet Blue Raspberry being the third. 

Why the store would only have two of the three flavors in stock boggles my mind. I made the guy check in the back and get on the phone with his boss, but sadly it was not meant to be. He tried to peddle some other blue raspberry flavored malt beverages on me, but I told him I'm only here for the MD 20/20.The others don't compare!

Not to be confused with the 8% abv. MD 20/20 Hard Wine Fusion Cans of 2018/2019, these are malt beverages coming in at 12% ABV. Each flavor comes in a six pack of 16oz cans.

Sharing your MD 20/20? Not today! I'm going solo with these two cans as I cracked these open for a taste test after Still Crusin' to a Summer in Paradise on Bumming with Bobcat. Will these help cure my Island Fever? Let's find out!

First up is the Island Pineapple. This right here is the winner that can get the job done. It has a smooth pineapple flavor that's very similar to a pineapple soda taste without even a hit of alcohol or burn on the way down. Easy drinking malt beverage.

The Tangy Orange is not quite as smooth as the Island Pineapple, but still a solid beverage. It does leave a little bit of an interesting aftertaste, but it's certainly drinkable. 

Overall these are two solid malt bevareges. Are they better than the classic MD 20/20? No, but they can get the job done in a pinch.

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We're Still Crusin' to a Summer in Paradise on this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat! Our very own Uncle Jesse joins the podcast to help detail what The Beach Boys must have been thinking during the production of 1989's Still Crusin' and 1992's Summer in Paradise as we dive into the deep dark depths of these two albums. 

We discuss which songs give off a classic Beach Boys vibe, and which songs should have never been recorded. Wouldn't it have been nice to see Hulk Hogan as beach boy? Would you want to do the Bartman with Mike Love? Why is Cocktail such a dark movie? 80's nostalgia for the 60's, using your very first Macintosh, and much MORE along with the MD 20/20 Spiked Punch review! Check it out! Cheers!

Listen to "Still Cruisin' to a Summer in Paradise" on Spreaker.

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