Beer Of The Week - Tecate Titanium

It's been wild at this past week, with not just one, but TWO brand new editions of Bumming with Bobcat hitting the airwaves! We cracked open the MD 20/20 Cans for a taste test, Krude joined the show for the official BWB 2019 NFL Season Preview, and now we are keeping the party rocking as summer starts to wind down with an all new beer of the week!

Earlier this year it was announced that Tecate was going to be bringing a new player into the higher ABV beer world with their 194 calorie 7.5% ABV Tecate Titanium. Our friends from Cult Moo got the party started for us with their review of the beer, so let's crack it open and see how it is!

"The perfect beer just got even better. An obsessive and demanding process that combines imported malts with temperature variations resulting in a distinctive high alcohol content with great drinkability. It's a one of a kind creation of a refreshing smooth but brave and audacious taste."

For leaning more on the malt liquor side of the beer world, Tecate Titanium is actually pretty enjoyable. It goes down smooth without much of that metallic taste other beers around the same ABV tend to have sometimes. It cost me $1.49 for a 24oz can, so you can't really go wrong for the price. It will get you a good buzz and keep some extra change in your pocket.

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Don't forget that we are still celebrating the arrival of the MD 20/20 Cans with this special edition of Bumming with Bobcat! It's been over a year in the making, so it's a podcast you don't want to miss! As always stay tuned to for the best of the worst in cheap booze and another new podcast early next week! Cheers!

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