The Krude Experience - Action Part 5


Part 5

Last Licks

I've told some stories from my colorful past over the last 4 blogs. Whether it was booze, pussy, gambling or whatever, those stories are always told with accuracy. Action has long been my game. And continues to be for the foreseeable future. Krude full steam ahead!

Heading into the final 400 or so months of my life, finding my kicks is going to be a real challenge. Lucky for me I'm in pretty good overall shape. Kept most of my hair. And my brain is at its most fertile point yet. So if doing things I've never done before becomes my norm for the next 30 some odd years,so be it. I'm in good enough shape to withstand almost anything. 49 years old and ready to rumble. Well, almost.

I was planning on joining a gym (something I've never done before) and get back some of the muscle tone I had in the past. Who am I fooling? I just want to see women wearing tight yoga pants while commanding an elliptical. And maybe work on my abs. Being in top shape at 50 is something to strive for. And no HGH or anabolic steroids will be used. I don't need to look as ripped as Ravishing Rick Rude. But if that can hook me up with the younger yoga pants wearing hotties, I'm down.

I know how to play most casino games. Blackjack,poker,craps,baccarat,the big wheel etc.... I think it's time for me to learn how to play the stock market. You know,legit gambling for even bigger suckers. What I do know about choosing a stock and/or selling it is that ANY success I will have will be contingent on having Very Inside Information. The kind of info that makes the wealthy wealthier. The challenge will be how to get this info. Just follow the money trail Krude....

In conclusion, using a topic and running with it for 5 straight blogs really isn't my style. I like to come up with topics to exploit that are something not typical. So just when you thought you knew the answer.... somebody changes the question. Life goes on....

Peace with pieces


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