2024 Four Loko Power Rankings


As we kickoff 2024, there is one final Christmas gift to all the fans of BumWineBob.Com and Bumming with Bobcat that we forgot to open! It's time to reveal the OFFICIAL bWb Four Loko Power Rankings! 

A few months ago we revealed the bWb Four Loko Pregame power rankings, so now it's time for the big guys!  The Sunday Sermon with Reverend Bum Wine Bob is back in session! You can take these rankings to the BANK! Who takes the top spot? Tune in to find out!

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****STOP here if you don't want any spoilers! Watch or listen above!****

The 2024 BumWineBob.Com Four Loko Power Rankings

14. Four Loko Sour Apple

13. Four Loko Watermelon

12. Four Loko Electric Lemonade

11. Four Loko Sour Melon

10. Four Loko Fruit Punch

9. Four Loko Sour Blue Razz

8. Four Loko Peach

7. Four Loko Sour Grape

6. Four Loko Strawberry Lemonade

5. Four Loko Gold

4. Four Loko Red

3. Four Loko USA

2. Four Loko Jungle Juice

1. Four Loko Warheads Sour Cosmic Punch

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